Minor Injury Units

There are many minor hand injuries which may not require surgical input but without specialist hand therapy can result in secondary deficits which can be incredibly disabling. Injuries such as low-grade collateral ligament sprains, (e.g. skiers thumb), tendinous or bony mallets, IPj dislocation injuries, undisplaced finger fractures, minimally displaced metacarpal head fractures, or volar plate avulsion fractures can be managed with the highest expertise, knowledge and skill in the Hand Therapy Clinic.

The use of custom-made splints has a good evidence base in providing more effective care in the timely and safe protection of these injuries. Expert skill with regular follow up can prevent secondary deficits such as fixed flexion deformities, swan neck deformities or chronic pain and instability and can be provided by the team at The Hand Therapy Clinic. Please contact us directly to discuss specific patient details or care pathways and to collaborate on the care management plan.